• rotor-tools – a collection of small convenience utilities
  • rotor-test – a collection of utilities for writing unit tests
  • rotor-stream – an abstraction for writing protocols which use TCP or Unix stream sockets
  • rotor-carbon – implementation of the carbon protocol (more known as graphite)
  • rotor-dns – DNS support for rotor
  • rotor-http – HTTP server and client implementation
  • rotor-redis – redis client implementation
  • hyper – the implementation of HTTP protocol added to hyper itself
  • rotor-capnp – implementation of Cap’n’Proto protocol



  • stator – a wrapper around foreign function interface (FFI) for various rotor libraries that allows dispatching them from scripting languages; thus offloading asynchronous and protocol parsing work to rotor that is put in separate thread; so rust code is running in parallel to the scripting language interpreter.